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Standard Features

  • Large capacity easy access filters

  • All machines are water tested at the factory before delivery

  • Ability to spray when boom is lifted to full height over 2m

  • Ceramic jets

  • Electric ball valves for boom sections – not solenoid or plunger type valves

  • Boom sections clearly marked

  • Heavy-duty draw bar swivel ball

  • Carry frame for drums, hoses etc

  • Heavy-duty bolt on mudguards with steps, handrails and non-slip surface

  • All steps are tapered to reduce crop damage

  • Chemical resistant two pack primer and topcoat  (automotive quality paint)

  • All metal work is fully sealed before painting

  • Donaldson Air Cleaners for compressor

  • Belt driven air compressor not electric

  • Quality Australian Made hydraulic rams and fittings

  • Colour coded and/or marked hydraulic lines for easy identification

  • Hydraulic accumulator (cushion for liftrams) to reduce jarring on rough ground

  • Oil reservoir to lubricate dry side of lifting rams to avoid chemical damage to ram shaft

Example of our simple tap layout

  • Hydraulic fold includes breakaway outrigger wing with additional end tip breakup point

  • Sealed tool box

  • Tank sprinkler

  • Large sight tube for tank level

  • Bottom fill on all tanks to reduce frothing

  • One-way valve on flushing tanks to avoid contamination

  • Large capacity flush tank that can be transferred to main tank or out through
    spray lines simply

  • Dust proof flushing tanks

  • Easy to get at manual valve to drain tank

  • Complete set of spare Viton O’Rings to suit filters

  • Adjustable outrigger wheel, spring loaded and greasable with a waterproof seal

  • Industrial quality plastic reusable clamps on nozzle bodies for simple paddock repairs, not non-reusable metal

  • Width reduction mechanism for safe and legal road transport – less than 3.5m wide on most models

  • Nozzle bodies protected behind boom arms

  • Heavy-duty jack stand

  • Easy tap layout and clearly labelled

  • All hoses are chemical resistant and Australian Made

  • All tanks have overflow hoses

  • Only two cables required on each Boom Trapeze

  • One cable required for each Outrigger Fold

  • Machine can be transported at an height safely

  • Booms can be lifted to full height for easy access when filling

  • Flexi-N tolerant

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